World Cup Group Draw Results Are In

The draw to determine the groups for the World Cup took place on December 13th. Canada has been placed in Division 2, Group A and will compete against Slovenia, Italy, Finland and Nigeria in qualification play.

For more details on the final draws for all events (men women, junior, senior), click here.


7 thoughts on “World Cup Group Draw Results Are In

  1. So just want to wish you guys good luck this year. I figure Canada should do real well this year. The only teams I imagine that should give you a challenge is Italy and slovenia. Even so you should still beat them

    The only words of advice I can offer are these:

    1. Don’t force your game onto the other tables. Find what things work from your game on the other tables and work with that. Then find the options that can work with slight adjustments. This allows you to play with confidence which is extremely important in high pressure situations like the world cup. Just landed in Victoria.

    2. Don’t attempt to pin the ball to catch it on the other tables. The pin point is different on every table so it’s best to just put your guy in the way and control the ball that way. The man if placed infringe of the ball never missed. A pin attempt can. But saying that… If you can time it pin on Bronzini as any pin attempt will likely be successful.

    3. Everyone there will have amazing shots and some will have amazing passes. But most of them can’t read a defense to save their life and if they do appear to read, they likely only have one way to read so will not adjust to anything. So don’t over think your defenses. Especially on the 5 rod.

    4. Be aware of international differences in table edicate. Some players will tap the table with their hand (while the ball is still in play) for various reasons. It’s not an attempt to distract you. B-). But also don’t be offended by teams that might play rougher than you’re accustomed to. Again this is likely a regional difference. Do don’t take offense. Just get a ref if you feel they are gaining and advantage.

    Good luck! You’ll do great!

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