World Championships + World Cup update

We’re gonna have to keep this brief – need to get our rest! 

Thursday morning started with World Championship singles qualifiers – Mario Iannuzzi and Christian Dunn participated for Canada. Out of the 2, Mario managed to progress to the elimination round. Mario’s first round draw in the elimination field was Frederico Collignon – said by many to be the best foosball player ever! Frederico chose Leonhart as his home table, while Mario had Fireball. In a 3 out of 5 match, Frederico beat Mario in the first 3 games. Mario managed to make all 3 games very close, losing 5-4 in the first game, 5-3 in the second, and 5-4 in the last. 

Nhu and Mario did not manage to qualify for the World Championships doubles event. 

For the World Cup qualifiers, Team Canada had to play against Italy on Roberto Sport + Fireball in the first round. Italy was a very tough match – but Canada managed to pull it out, 6 games to 4! In the next match of the qualifiers, Canada played against Slovenia, again on Fireball + Roberto Sport, and took a decisive 9 games to 1 victory! 

In the morning, Canada will have to finish the qualifying round against Finland on Fireball, but they are essentially qualified and getting ready to play for the elimination round…wish themImage luck!


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