Canada is headed to the finals!

Wow! It was an incredibly intense day. It started early with the final qualification match against Finland; as expected, the team handled this challenge fairly easily, beating Finland 9-1. The elimination round began early in the afternoon. As luck would have it, Canada’s first round draw in the elimination round was also Finland! Canada beat them once again to advance to the semi-final round.

The semi-final round was an absolute nail-biter that lasted over an hour and a half. Canada played against South Africa, whose home table was Garlando. Canadian players had had very little exposure to Garlando throughout the tournament. South Africa took the first match, Canada took the second and third, and South Africa took the 4th match to make the total count 2-2. In the 5th match, Will Stranks gave an amazing performance, winning it decisively in 2 games straight! Canada moves on to the finals against Slovenia!

The finals start at 11 am France time, which is 5 am EST. Feel like watching a good match? Tune in to

Here we go, boys! Let’s bring it home!



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