Method of Selection for 2013 World Cup Team

After much discussion and a vote, the following came to be the conclusion of Eric Dunn, Simon Edwards, Sean Lee, Chris Thomas, Laurent Paquin-Marcotte, Julien Beaumier-Ethier and Mario Iannuzzi:

Players interested in joining the 2013 Canadian World Cup team should fill out an application form with relevant information and experience and pay a non-refundable fee of $20. The fee will both ensure seriousness and will help to fund the eventual team.

A committee of 5-7 members, selected by Will Stranks, will be assembled. The restrictions on the committee members are that they should be well-informed citizens of the foosball community, and that they should be appropriately geographically distributed (e.g., one suggestion would be that there should be one from each major foosball area – B.C., Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City).

From the pooled applications, the committee shall independently form their own lists of 7 member teams (with 2 alternates). Each time an applicant’s name is mentioned, they shall receive a point. An alternate mention will receive a half point. Those with the highest number of points shall be named to be the team. Any ties will be solved by a tiebreaking vote from the committee. At this point, a larger deposit (~$200) will be requested from the voted-upon team members to ensure their commitment. This deposit could be used to go towards team uniforms.

If a player decides to withdraw from the team, they will forfeit all paid deposits to the team.

The committee will be announced within one week, if you have a recommendation for a committee member please email will_stranks@hotmail dot com


4 thoughts on “Method of Selection for 2013 World Cup Team

  1. Roughly how much was spent for flight/hotel/food/registration&package? I’ve wanted to go and check out Nantes for both the foosball and just be a plain tourist. :

    • Hi Sheldon
      The flight prices can range between 600 and 1000 from Toronto, depending on how hard you look and how lucky you are.
      Hotel costs vary, depending on how many you split with, but if I recall correctly, I think we paid about 100 euro per night for the room, breakfast included.
      Food is….food. Standard costs.
      There is no registration / package cost. You play for free (thanks to your federation paying their yearly dues), and there are no payouts.

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