Bootcamp weekend!

As the number of days to the World Cup start dwindling, Team Canada’s training intensifies. We’ve all been ramping up our practice in our individual cities. This weekend, we’re holding a full 3-day bootcamp, as our Quebec players (Mathieu Bigeault and Laurent Paquin-Marcotte) are heading to Toronto to train with our local Toronto players.

This will be a great opportunity for multi-table training and team training, as Teamplay (the Toronto training location) currently already has 4 of the ITSF tables (Garlando, Roberto Sport, Bonzini, and Fireball). However, the Bonzini is a bit damaged, and doesn’t play quite like it should – thus, the Quebec players are bringing a brand-new Bonzini with them.

We’re hoping to test out some team configurations, review videos of other country’s players, and test/improve our games together on all of the tables by sharing our combined wisdom, tricks, and knowledge, and by finding and eliminating our weaknesses. Should be a great weekend!


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