January 4th, 2013 – Day Two @ the World Cup

Evening everyone –

Well, today was another big day. Canada played it’s first team match against Portugal and won (woohoo!), Mario and Sean made it into the top 8 in the doubles championship against the two of the top players (not a bad accomplishment, if I say so myself), and we participated in the opening ceremonies of the tournament where Canada walked out proudly waving our country’s flag!

After watching a few hours of tape on Luxembourg & Belgium the boys are finally asleep. Tomorrow, they’ll finish qualifying by playing Luxembourg at 9:00 am and then Belgium at 11:00 am. Play hard, boys & sleep well.

But before we sign off for the night, here’s a recap of the doubles finals today:

Men’s Doubles Winner – Da Silva/ Correia (Luxembourg)

Men’s Doubles 2nd – Hundstorfer/ Esterbauer (Austria)

Women’s Doubles Winner – Jobstmann/ Rohrer (Austria)

Women’s Doubles 2nd – Bremer/ Lohmann (Denmark)

Senior Doubles Winner – Saban/ Gressier (Belgium)

Senior Doubles 2nd – Landwehr/ Mulch (Germany)

Junior Doubles Winner – Schmidt/ Droese (Germany)

Junior Doubles 2nd – Schroter/ Messerli (Switzerland)

Disabled Doubles Winner – Bonanno/ Cassaneli (Italy)

Disabled Doubles 2nd – San Martin/ Fabrega (Germany)


Good night, foosers. Onto day three!



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