January 6th, 2013 – Day Four @ the World Cup

It was the final day for matches and what a day it was! ESPN3 broadcast the semi final and finals matches of the Men’s event with Ben Mason (GB) and Jim Stevens running the commentary. In my opinion, they did an excellent job. They really explained how the game was played, what the different rods were used for, what they were called, the strategy behind the game and the differences in tables. Jim and Ben – I applaud you for a job extremely well done.

Now, onto the finals!!

After two quick semi-final matches, France and USA ended up in the Men’s Final, and let me tell you – it was one exciting game! France came out hard winning the first two matches and it seemed like they were ready to sweep the US, but Tony Spredeman came out flying in the third match to shift the momentum and get the US back in the game. Then it was Rob Mares and Ezequial Moore (Iceman) playing in the fourth match. After a slower start, they pulled off a very emotional and big win.

And with the match tied 2-2, Vick (2013 seniors singles winner) was up against Meckes for the win. In two quick matches, it was Meckes who drove it home to give France the win.

It was a great comeback by the US, but they just couldn’t finish. A well-deserved win by France, congratulations boys!

Here’s the full tournament recap:

Men’s Final – Winner was France (2nd place USA)

Women’s Final – TBD

Juniors Final – Winner was Portugal (2nd place Netherlands)

Disabled Final – Winner was Italy (2nd place Belgium)

Senior Final – Winner was Belgium (2nd place USA)

D2 Final – Winner was Slovakia (2nd place Italy)

What a great tournament everyone! Congratulations to all the winners and competitors out there! This was a great weekend for Table Soccer!



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