Days 1 & 2 – World Championships + World Cup

I’ll try to get a brief update while we have some time away from the room, not practicing or playing. Apologies for the lack of creative writing and frequent updates, but we’ve only got access to data/wifi at the hotel.

Day 1 – World Championships Qualification

– Gemma and Adrianne qualify for women’s singles.

– Jen Chi, Jen Ngai + Jen Caron, Linda Ly qualify for women’s doubles.

– Laurent and Julien qualify for men’s doubles.

– Gemma and Adrianne lose tough first round matches in the elimination bracket.

Day 2 – World Championships and World Cup

– The women’s doubles teams both lose tough matches and get knocked out of the elimination round. Great playing for your first year, girls!

– Julien and Laurent lose a first round match in the elimination bracket to the team that eventually goes on to be finalists

– World Cup: The women’s  team loses 1-7 in a rough match against France, and takes vengeance against Finland in an 8-0 sweep.

– World Cup: The men’s team wins against Great Britain in a Great match, 7-3, after starting with a bilingual cheer – Go Canada, Allez! 

Despite their losses in the championships, it’s only the women’s first year here, and even qualifying is a great achievement! They’ll take their lessons learned and apply them in the world cup to come back and try to bring the gold to Canada!

Tomorrow morning (9 AM France time), the World Cup round robin matches continue, with the women’s team playing three different countries, and the men’s team playing two different countries. The men will be playing Denmark in Zone A on Fireball and Bonzini, so there’s a chance they’ll be on the live streaming on! Check it out!


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