Hi everyone,

As some of you are aware, last year, with the blessings of the existing officers, TSAC took a giant, official step forward: we officially incorporated as a Canadian not-for-profit corporation! Not only does this establish credibility for foosball in Canada, but also opens many doors and opportunities that were not open before. The founding board of directors for this official organization were Chris Thomas, Julien Beaumier-Ethier, and Terri Mattucci.

Along with these opportunities come certain responsibilities and certain bureaucratic red tape. Both to manage this red tape and to keep things moving forward, TSAC needs a solid foundation of directors and various officers. As announced previously, these roles were recently filled via a vote by the heads of the existing TSAC clubs. The current directors and officers are:

Chris Thomas
Terri Mattucci

President – Mario Iannuzzi
Vice-President – Mathieu Bigeault
Treasurer – Dan Packer
Secretary – Alexandre Lehouillier
Director of Tournaments – Jesse Haw
Director of Communications – Terri Mattucci
Director of Player Development – Rob Nelson

Together, we hope to not only make all Canadians aware of foosball, but also to legitimize and grow the sport of foosball in Canada. The pillars of this organization that will keep it moving forward will be communication and cooperation.

We will not ignore lessons from the past – we will try to keep TSAC as democratic a corporation as possible, and try to maintain communication and transparency as much as we can. If you have any questions about how the organization is run, what our goals are, and what we are planning, please feel free to contact any of the above people. You can reach any of them by emailing their first name at canadafoosball dot ca.

This is going to be a very exciting and very busy time for foosball in Canada. As we’re all running this on our own volunteer time, and there are not many of us, we will need help. If you have any ideas about initiatives, please contact us. If you have some need for support, please contact us.  If you have any connections (publicity or sponsorship), please contact us. In the near future, several committees will be formed around local and national initiatives that we are planning to launch; these initiatives will require everyone that’s willing and able. If you have time that you’re willing to donate, please contact us.

Remember: one person laying bricks can build a wall. Thousands of people laying bricks can build a pyramid. Let’s all pull together and make foosball in Canada what we really want it to be!

Mario Iannuzzi, President
Table Soccer Association of Canada


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