Accepting 2015 Team Canada applications!

The World Cup and World Championships are two separate Multi-Table tournaments that will be held simultaneously in Torino, Italy in April of 2015.

The World Cup is a team event, which consists of Men’s, Women’s, Junior, and Senior teams.

For the last three years Canada has fielded Men’s teams in the World Cup. Last year, we sent a men’s and a women’s team. We’d like to try to send both again.

The Men’s World Cup team has placed 1st in Division 2 in 2012, and was very close to qualifying for the top 8 in 2013. Additionally, the 2013 Men’s team had several corporate sponsors (FlightHub, Fox and Fiddle, and Teamplay) supporting their efforts.

In 2014, the Men’s team finished at the top of their qualification pool, and finished 5th out of 21 teams! The Women’s World Cup team also qualified and finished 5th out of 11 teams!

The quest for gold continues in Italy in 2015…

If you or someone you know wants to participate on the Men’s or Women’s teams, please submit an application!  The process is described below.

***Note that as Fireball will no longer be a table option at this World Cup, TSAC has decided that the table the selection committee should consider as its base for team member selections for Torino will be BonziniThe selected team may decide on another table, if they so choose.

Players interested in joining the 2015 Canadian World Cup team (likely playing on Bonzini) should fill out an application form (link below) with relevant information and experience and pay a non-refundable fee of $20 by midnight on October 26, 2014.  This small fee is to ensure that only serious applicants are attracted, and will also help to fund the eventual team. We are also accepting applications of people interested in Coaching the teams.

Once the applications have been collected, a committee of 5-7 members, selected by the President of TSAC, will be assembled. The restrictions on the committee members are that they should be well-informed citizens of the Foosball community, and that they should be appropriately geographically distributed throughout the major Canadian foosball cities. The committee shall independently form their own lists of members for the teams. Each time an applicant’s name is mentioned, they shall receive a point. An alternate mention will receive a half point. Those with the highest number of points shall be named to be the team. Any ties will be solved by a tie-breaking vote from the committee. At this point, a larger deposit (~$200) will be requested from the voted-upon team members to ensure their commitment. This deposit shall be used towards team expenses (i.e., uniforms).

***Fill out the application by clicking here. Payment instructions are included inside.***


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