Announcing: The 2015 World Cup Team Members!

UPDATE 12/9/2014

Remy Lemerre has opted to give up his spot as a substitute. The elected team and the selection committee held a vote to see who from the reserve list would fill the substitute spots. The substitute list is now as follows:

Alexandre Lehouillier (Quebec)
Simon Giguere (Quebec)
Olivier Levesque (Quebec)


Thanks to all the applicants! The selection committee had a very difficult time choosing between all of the amazing players that applied. However, after much deliberation and discussion, their final choices can be seen below.

Welcome the members of Canada’s 2014 Men’s World Cup Team!

Men’s Starters

Eric Dunn (British Columbia)
Francois Veilleux (Quebec)
Laurent Paquin Marcotte (Quebec)
Mario Iannuzzi (Ontario)
Nhu Tran (Ontario)
Sean Lee (Ontario)

Men’s Substitutes
Alexandre Lehouillier (Quebec)
Remy Lemerre (Quebec)

Men’s Reserve – other players who applied for the team will be contacted and will be next in line if a spot opens up, in the order of the number of votes that they tallied up from the selection committee.

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