Profile - BeaumierEthier 2014


First time I’ve “really” discovered foosball was at my cousin’s place on New Year’s eve. There was a FAS table, which is an Italian-style table used for fastball style play. I spent my evening playing on the table, trying to control the ball and trying to figure out how to play the game. A few weeks later, when my new college semester began, I realized there was a table in the student café. A lot of players were playing there and I was very impressed by their skills. So I started putting quarters on the table whenever I had time between courses because I wanted to become a good player.


There were a few guys from college that went to a tournament in Montreal where they met some really good players. They came back with a lot of new knowledge such as brush passes, snake shots and so on. Even though they hadn’t been playing as long as me, they had improved their skills very quickly because they learned how to play a more strategically. This motivated me to learn new techniques and to begin tournament play.

I played competitively on Garlando RWB for 3 years then I’ve discovered Tornado and Bonzini, almost at the same time. Because I’ve played competitively on many tables with many different styles, I’ve been able to develop techniques that translate across tables.  In reality, I’ve always enjoyed playing foosball, no matter what the table.


I was raised on a farm in the region of Mauricie, Québec. I then went on to study Computer Engineering at Université de Sherbooke and I now work in industrial IT. I listen to a lot of music and I play a bit of guitar in my free time.


2009 Kentucky State – Rookie Singles Champion (Warrior)
2009 Kentucky State – Amateur Singles Champion (Warrior)
2010 AQBB Montreal – Open Doubles Champion (Bonzini)
2010 FoosballQuebec Championship – Open Doubles Champion (Garlando RWB)
2010 FoosballQuebec Championship – 2nd place Open Singles (Multitable)
2010 Chicoutimi Bonzini Open Doubles Champion
2011 New York State – Pro Singles Champion (Tornado)
2011 AQBB Trois-Rivières – Open Doubles Champion (Bonzini)
2012 Fireball US Open – Expert Singles Champion (Fireball)
2012 Fireball US Open – 2nd place Pro Singles (Fireball)

2012 New York State – 4th place Open Singles (Tornado)

2013 AQBB Chicoutimi – Open Singles Champion (Bonzini)


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