Profile - Bigeault 2014


I first started playing when I was 16, my father bought a foosball table instead of a pool table due to lack of space in our basement. I quickly got hooked on the game, and having my father and my older brother, who used to play in high school, beat me all the time just motivated me to practice even more. I eventually was able to beat them and that’s when I started to play in bars. The bar beside my house had just a gotten a brand new table, so my friends and I would go practice there almost every day. At night, huge crowds would gather around, it was really intense. We would play for the pride of staying on the table and being the team to beat.


I’ve been playing competitive foosball since 2003. One day, I was watching a local sports program on TV and they were interviewing some guys playing foosball in their basement. They were really good with trick shots, something I had never seen before. They had a website where we could watch them play on a webcam, so I decided to check it out. I found out they also organized some local tournaments in the Montreal area. Since I could easily beat the local bar players, I was anxious to see what the Montreal foosball scene had to offer, and I was impressed with what I saw. The table we played on was the Garlando RWB, the model before the Garlando World Champion that we use today. In 2005, I discovered the Tornado table at a National multi-table championship event and it quickly became my new table of choice. I was mesmerized by the ball control and the skill level of the players on the table. I participated in many Tornado tournaments in Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto, and in 2008 I was introduced to the IFP tour in the United States. In 2009, I started playing on the Bonzini (French table) and I have been playing in tournaments across the province of Quebec. I’ve been a multi-table player ever since.


  • Expert Doubles, Kentucky State 2009, Warrior : 1st place
  • Rookie Singles, Kentucky State 2009, Warrior : 1st place
  • Open Singles, Ottawafoos Open 2009, Tornado : 2nd place
  • Expert Singles, New York State 2009, Tornado : 4th place
  • Amateur Singles, New York State 2010, Tornado : 1st place
  • Amateur Singles, Tornado World Championships 2010 : 7th place
  • Amateur Doubles, Tornado World Championships 2010 : 7th place
  • Open Doubles, Montreal Open 2011, Tornado: 1st place
  • Open Singles, Montreal Open 2011, Tornado: 3rd place
  • Open Doubles, Montreal ITSF Master Series 2011, Bonzini : 2nd place
  • Open Singles, Majeur Trois-Rivieres AQBB 2011, Bonzini : 1st place
  • Open Doubles, Majeur Quebec City AQBB 2012, Bonzini : 3rd place

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