LY, Linda

Profile - Ly 2014


During the 3 day orientation in my first year of University in 2002, a few friends and I decided to spend our break time at the schools arcade.  They had 3 Fabi tables set up there, and from the moment we started playing, we were hooked.  Throughout school, basically every free moment I had, you could find me at those tables and eventually my friends and I were beating the majority of people around.


Midway through University, there was a tournament called Foosapalooza held on campus which was played on a Tornado table (which I had never played on).  It was there I learned that there was a level of foosball I had never seen before.  I met a bunch of local Pro’s, some of which were kind enough to give me a few tips.  None of this really translated until I graduated University.  With no more arcade around, to get my foosball fix I started attending the local DYP’s the Pro’s had told me about before.  Under their tutelage I learned a whole new style of play on a Tornado table.  They introduced me to the world of competitive foosball in the US and from there my addiction and competitive nature took over.


Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, I graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and am currently working in the Oil & Gas industry.  When my knees hold up, I love playing recreational sports including basketball, floor hockey and golf.


  • 4x Tornado World Champion
    • 2016 Women’s Singles
    • 2016 Open Mixed
    • 2015 Women’s Doubles
    • 2013 Women’s Singles
  • 2016 Texas State – Open Mixed Champion
  • 2016 Hall of Fame Classic – Open Mixed Champion
  • 2016 Colorado State
    • Women’s Singles Champion
    • 2nd Place Women’s Doubles
    • 2nd Place Open Mixed
  • 2015 Tornado Worlds – 2nd Place Women’s Singles
  • 2015 US Nationals – Women’s Doubles Champion
  • 2015 Texas State
    • Women’s Doubles Champion
    • Women’s Singles – 2nd Place
    • Pro Doubles – 2nd Place
  • 2015 Colorado State – Women’s Doubles Champion, Queen of the Ring
  • 2014 Hall of Fame Classic – 2nd Place Women’s Singles
  • 2013, 2015, 2016 Tornado Worlds – Designated Mixed Champion
  • 2012, 2013, 2015 Hall of Fame Classic – Designated Mixed Champion



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