Profile - Karli 2014


First time I saw a foosball table was when I moved from rural Saskatchewan to Edmonton AB.   I helped my boyfriend at the time buy a tornado table.  Having put all that money into it I decided I better learn to play.  I was at his house whenever I could to practice, even if he was studying for school I was playing foosball.   Outside of that we would play at the U of A, a little arcade called the Cue, which is where we met Christian Dunn.   We all became fast friends and he invited my boyfriend to play on his team in a league that was being run out of Rosarios.  I was never invited out but continued to play and practice.  After university we all grew apart but I still played whenever I could. I would by suggest meeting my friends at a pub that I knew had a foosball table but they caught on pretty fast.  My biggest competition was playing my friends 2 on 1 and even then I usually ended up winning.


I hadn’t seen Christian in about a year and was itching to play some real foosball when finally we ran into each other. First thing I asked if there was still a league, yes indeed they were running one out of Gateway lanes at the time.  I went that weekend and it felt so great I continued going 2-3 times a week. That year I went to 2 tournaments outside of Edmonton, one at Calgary and the other Washington state.  I have been trying to make it to as many as I can since!


I am a musician/singer/songwriter.  I teach guitar and piano lessons in Sherwood Park, AB along with performing and recording with my band Drowning Ophelia.


2013 Washington State, Women’s Singles – 5th  place
2011 Washington State, Women’s Doubles -1st  place
2011 Alberta Provincials, Women’s Singles – 2nd place
2011 Alberta Provincials, Women’s Doubles – 2nd place
2011 Alberta Provincials, Open Mixed – 2nd place


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