LEE, Adrianne

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Location: Toronto, ON
DOB: February 9, 1993
Years Playing: 5 years competitively
Tables played on: Tornado, Fireball, Bonzini, Garlando, Roberto Sport, Fabi


I’ve been playing foosball since the age of 12 on the Fabi table. I started playing after school with my friends as Fabi was very popular in my area. I discovered that I really enjoyed playing foosball, and even as most of my friends stopped playing over the years, I still had a desire to play. This was when I discovered the Tornado table (and real, tournament-style play) – roughly two years ago. I was also fortunate enough to meet a great group of experienced tournament players. With their help, and some practice, I quickly took to playing on a tournament grade table. When I discovered that they toured throughout North America and overseas, I realized that I had to practice even harder to take the recreational type of playing I was accustomed to and transition it into a tournament style game. I entered my first tournament in November 2012 in Syracuse, won Open Mixed with Mario Iannuzzi, and was instantly hooked! Since then I’ve been to Atlanta, Maryland, Las Vegas, and St, Louis on the IFP tour and will be making stops in Texas and Michigan later on in the year. Off tour, I’ve played foosball in Hong Kong, Shanghai, New York, Quebec and Ottawa. I’m also really looking forward to playing at the ITSF World Cup in France at the end of the year. Through foosball, I’ve managed to travel to many places I would otherwise not have had an opportunity to visit, and have now met and made friends with players from all over the world who have the same passion.


I’m currently going into my third year at York University studying Criminology. When I’m not busy studying or practicing foosball, I enjoy shopping, spending time with my friends, enjoying the weather on a nice patio, and discovering new culinary delights.


2012 New York State – Open Mixed Champion, 3rd place Open Women Doubles, 5th place Open Women Singles
2013 IFP Tour Kick Off – Amateur Women Doubles Champion, 2nd Amateur Women Singles, 2nd place Open Women Doubles
2013 IFP Maryland State – 4th place Amateur Doubles, 3rd place Open Women Doubles, 
2013 IFP Hall of Fame Classic, Amateur Women Singles Champion
2013 IFP National Championships / North America Cup – Expert Mix Champion, 
Expert Women Doubles Champion, Amateur Women Singles Champion, 
Amateur Women Doubles Champion, 3rd place (Team Ontario) North America Cup Open Team


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