Foos on the TV (and other) news

Hello CanadaFoosball fans! The World Cup is right around the corner, and we’ve done some interviews on TV and newspapers recently to try to get the word out. You can see all the past work we’ve done on our media page, but here’s the most recent stuff from Edmonton and Montreal –

Montreal Gazette Video – Christine Baxter heads to International Foosball tournament in Hamberg

Montreal Gazette – Foosball supremacy is the goal for two Montrealers headed to world championships in Germany

Global News – Mathieu Bigeault and Christine Baxter from Canada’s foosball team join Global’s Laura Casella and Kim Sullivan to talk about the upcoming world championships in Germany.

Global News – Zoe Labelle and Will Stranks talks about the upcoming World Championships in Germany.

CBC Edmonton – Wednesday, March 29, 2017 – Zoe Labelle and Will Stranks are interviewed by CBC Edmonton.

Edmonton Sun – Sunday, March 26, 2017 – Zoe Labelle talks about her journey to the international platform with local paper Edmonton Sun.





World Cup Format Cheat Sheet

This year, the ITSF decided to come out with a new format for World Cup qualification matches. We at CanadaFoosball found the large text description on the scoresheet to be a bit confusing, so we made a crib sheet. This might help someone else too – enjoy! If there’s anything we messed up on, let us know!

World-Cup-format (2)

3 weeks to go!

Hi loyal foos fans,

We’ve been a bit slow on the updates, but we’ve been up to lots of preparation for the World Cup. The team has been practicing hard across Canada with events and massive amounts of table time. We’ve got our flights booked, our wraps ready to go – and we also just got our sweet new uniforms! Here’s a preview with a completely anonymous model:


Face phoned for anonymity. 

Coming up this weekend, there will be a multi-table tournament in Quebec City that will have Bonzini, Garlando, and Tornado tables; several team Canada members will be there warming up for Hamburg, trying to get used to the jarring (no pun intended) chaos of multi-table life.

Next update soon!


Announcing: The 2015 World Cup Team Members!

UPDATE 12/9/2014

Remy Lemerre has opted to give up his spot as a substitute. The elected team and the selection committee held a vote to see who from the reserve list would fill the substitute spots. The substitute list is now as follows:

Alexandre Lehouillier (Quebec)
Simon Giguere (Quebec)
Olivier Levesque (Quebec)


Thanks to all the applicants! The selection committee had a very difficult time choosing between all of the amazing players that applied. However, after much deliberation and discussion, their final choices can be seen below.

Welcome the members of Canada’s 2014 Men’s World Cup Team!

Men’s Starters

Eric Dunn (British Columbia)
Francois Veilleux (Quebec)
Laurent Paquin Marcotte (Quebec)
Mario Iannuzzi (Ontario)
Nhu Tran (Ontario)
Sean Lee (Ontario)

Men’s Substitutes
Alexandre Lehouillier (Quebec)
Remy Lemerre (Quebec)

Men’s Reserve – other players who applied for the team will be contacted and will be next in line if a spot opens up, in the order of the number of votes that they tallied up from the selection committee.

Applications re-opened for 10 days! Tornado added as 5th table

The World Cup and World Championships are two separate Multi-Table tournaments that will be held simultaneously in Torino, Italy in April of 2015.

Until yesterday, the only tables that would have been available to choose from were Bonzini, Leonhart, Roberto Sport, and Garlando. Yesterday, the ITSF announced that Tornado would be the 5th official table for the 2015 World Cup.

With this change in condition, TSAC has decided that the application window should be re-opened for a short period of time. This will allow players who previously chose not to apply due to the table availability another chance to think about applying. As before, the final selected team will be able to choose their home table.

Players interested in joining the 2015 Canadian World Cup team should fill out an application form (link below) with relevant information and experience and pay a non-refundable fee of $20 by midnight on Tuesday, November 25, 2014.  This small fee is to ensure that only serious applicants are attracted, and will also help to fund the eventual team. We are also accepting applications of people interested in Coaching the teams.

Once the applications have been collected,  a committee of 5-7 members, selected by the President of TSAC, will be assembled, as per the details in the previous post.

***Fill out the application by clicking here. Payment instructions are included inside.***