The Table Soccer Association of Canada

Who Are We?

The Table Soccer Association of Canada (TSAC) is a registered not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide growth, development and leadership to all Canadians playing table soccer.

TSAC is composed of regional and local table soccer clubs across the country.

Together we provide opportunities for all Canadians to learn, participate and compete in the sport at all levels.

We are currently made up of three regional and nine local associations. Our player base includes approximately 300 active pro-tour players and approximately 700 recreational players from coast-to-coast.

Our Vision

While a large part of the Association is to encourage recreational and amateur play in Canada, TSAC also focuses on sending a professional national team to compete at the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) World Cup each year.

By promoting the sport at local and national levels, our vision is to continue to grow and improve our player base in Canada. With the help of local volunteers and passionate players, we focus on fostering a smooth transition from entry to excellence at all ages. In addition to the benefits of healthy competition and team play, a primary goal is to send top-ranked national men’s, women’s youth and senior teams to the world cup each year.

Our Goals

Short Term (next 3 years)

  • Support recreational youth and adult leagues in all ten provinces (currently in four)
  • Increase our player database by 40% (currently 1,000 active players)
  • Improve the quality of our National training facilities in Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. This would include: new tables, improved training venues, ITSF certified practice tables for each facility, enhanced player support to all athletes looking to compete at a higher level
  • Launch an annual Canadian National Pro Tour to determine top players in each category
  • Increase our number of executive members (all volunteer based) to span all ten provinces

Long Term (next 10 years)

  • Win the men’s Division 1 ITSF World Cup
  • Finish top 3 in the women’s Division 1 ITSF World Cup
  • Enter youth and senior teams in the ITSF World Cup
  • Open two more National training facilities: one in BC and another in the Maritimes

 How We Run Things

Here’s a link to our constitution:  tsac_constitution.doc
Here’s a link to our financial records: financial records

The TSAC Executive is made up of elected representatives from their region and table combination.  There are many different types of tables that table soccer is played on in Canada, so we built our executive with the hopes of allowing fair representation for all players of table soccer in Canada.

Here’s the list of the current TSAC Executive.

  • Quebec & Maritimes – Garlando
    • Jose Leite
  • Quebec & Maritimes – Tornado
    • Julien Beaumier-Ethier
  • Quebec & Maritimes – Bonzini
    • Michael Tremblay
  • Ontario – Tornado
    • Jeff Tung
  • Ontario – FABI
    • Todd Williams
  • Saskatchewann – Tornado(2)
    • Vacant
    • Vacant
  • Alberta – Tornado(2)
    • Will Stranks (President)
    • Vacant
  • BC – Tornado
    • Eric Dunn (Vice-President)

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